if ur looking for me i’ll be in the trash

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really tho straight guys will go on and on about how uncomfortable it makes them when gay guys hit on them but lets be fucking honest how many times have u seen a guy continue to hit on another guy after hes visibly uncomfortable vs. how many times a straight guy has continued to hit on a girl after shes visibly uncomfortable 

This needs more notes

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had an adventure

Chicago - Night 2


my life would probably get 2 notes

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The art of denim in AEO Skinny Jeans.

The thing I love about that song is parts of it reads like a diary, and parts of it read like something 100,000 people should be screaming all together. It’s got these very big lines that everybody can relate to, which are given weight by her being really honest about personal things. Jack Antonoff on “Out of the Woods”(x)

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